Jonathan M. Giacomelli

Welcome to my online E-portfolio page!

  I have been an avid computer user since the age of three (Reader Rabbit) and have extensive knowledge from manually constructing basic circuits all the way to high-level UI and UX design.

Net Intruder


  I created a 'fictitious name' "Anondea Software & Design" to hold all portfolio projects since most are marketable or nearly marketable once they are complete.
  The projects contained therein are simply a few examples of my work, to show that I am capable and willing to perform.

Resident Raver


  I am excited to help solve difficult and complex problems. I especially enjoy quality engineering, automation, and hacks/mods. Working for others to solve complex engineering problems gives me a sense of accomplishment, pride, and purpose.

  • Handwritten HTML5 / JS
  • Python / Django
  • Razor MVC ASP.NET
  • C/C++, C#, XNA
  • Automation
  • LAMP Back-end Management
  • Circuit Analysis and Design
  • Failure Analysis
  • Quality Engineering
  • PLM and Issue Tracker Development
  • Verilog & Test Bench Design
  • Data Mining, Analytics, Reporting

Contact Me!

Contact Me!

  EMail me:
I currently reside in Carmichael, CA; but I am willing to relocate.
For privacy reasons I will not be posting my phone number, but I will gladly set up a phone interview by EMail.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn Profile
I also have a GitHub Profile